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Our bodies are made up of bacteria. Some good and some bad. In the mouth “bad” bacteria cause periodontal disease, cavities and an immune response that causes the bones that hold your teeth in to disintegrate.

The bacteria will always be present and we need bacteria to balance the acid, or pH, level of the mouth. However, when the “bad” bacteria are allowed to colonize in large numbers they become destructive. The theory behind brushing and flossing is that you do not allow the bacteria to colonize. When there are fewer and lose bacteria they don’t do harm, and are considered part of the normal oral flora. When these bacteria are allowed to colonize they have strength in numbers, and can cause damage. Flossing or cleaning in between the teeth once every 24 hours breaks up the bacterial colonies. This keeps the mouth healthy and the bacterial flora in a healthy state. Brushing twice daily also removes excess bacteria and removes microscopic food particles that the bacteria would otherwise feed on.

Like all living organisms the bacteria must eat and be able to excrete their waste, so that they do not become toxic. The bacteria eat the microscopic food particles left in the mouth. The bacteria then excrete their waste (or go to the bathroom). They do this by depositing their waste product (acid) into the mouth and onto the teeth. This dumping of acid by the bacteria onto the teeth causes cavities. It also sets in motion an immune response in the body.

When the immune system recognizes that there are too many bacteria in the mouth, it releases blood cells to help fight the “infection” it recognizes.  If there are too many bacteria for the immune system to be able to fight with blood cells the immune system releases bone destroying cells. It does this to destroy the bone that holds the teeth into the mouth. If there are no teeth then there are no bacteria to fight. In other words, the body turns on its-self to make the teeth fall out so that it does not have to constantly fight bacteria and infection.

In addition, if the bacteria are allowed to stay on the teeth longer than 24 hours they attach to the teeth. When the bacteria die the cell membranes of the bacteria stay on the teeth and the dead cell membranes combined with minerals from saliva become tartar/calculus/zahnstein. Once the rough zahnstein starts to form it attracts more and more build up. This hardened build up can’t be removed at home with brushing. It requires special cleaning by a professional.

Leaving this hard build up on the teeth further exacerbates the immune system response of bone destruction leading to bone and tooth loss. This is called periodontal disease. The disease will not go away unless the rough deposits are removed. Just like if you had a stone in your shoe. The stone would irritate the skin and the skin would become red, inflamed, bloody and infected. The skin would not heal unless you removed the rock from your shoe. The same is true in the mouth. The skin will not heal unless you remove the stone.

Proper tooth brushing, flossing and professional dental cleanings can prevent infection and disease. Help keep your mouth and body healthy and disease free with proper maintenance.

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